Freedom Equity Group

Freedom Equity Group

NC State Life Insurance, Independent Contractor

I am Donald E Jones Sr a licensed and bonded independent contractor. I work under Freedom Equity Group (FEG) and am marketing their products. I am convinced that the consumer is ill advised concerning their retirement, health, and life insurance plans. We are on a crusade to educate then work with the consumer to restructure a better plan for themselves and their family. We can make a profound difference in their lives with the program we offer.

Freedom Equity Group offer to people, a product, we are in a business where you have to offer a product or service. Our product or service is:
a. retirement rescue
b. help people preserve their money

Anybody can recommend our service and make $400 an hour up to a $1000 an hour sharing with someone else. That business opportunity is still the greatest business opportunity you’re going to ever find anywhere.

I'm in the financial services business and it is centered around trust and accountability. As an extended service please contact me directly to have a free debt analysis run performed (with this financial check-up, most companies this can cost you hundreds if not thosands of dollars), you can put away your wallet for this one. You will see, your family will love you for making this decision.

I am licensed and bonded. I’m in a business that show a person where they can learn sound Wealth Strategies
•    Do you know what Living Benefits mean?
•    Are you familiar with Indexed Universal Life (IUL) and how it works?
•    Do you know you can actually build a TAX FREE retirement?
•    New Debt Elimination and Business Opportunity Program that comes with a Free analysis, please contact me to get started.
There is no place else on the internet where you can receive this type of information. It’s a lot easier than you think, and its free to get started, just take a look here...

Freedom Equity Group


07 June 2017



About Us

We are a community-driven, project-based, educational profit organization. We connect passionate people locally/nationally who wish to make a positive impact.

We help them network then connect and work together on projects based on their shared interests and dreams for creating change.







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